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Comments on Profile Post by Lulcielid

  1. Hey Everyone
    Hey Everyone
    The movie? prepare for disappointment, it's Zack Snyder working on it.
    Mar 30, 2017
  2. T.O.T
    It looks like Aquaman won't be crappy for a change.
    Mar 30, 2017
  3. Storm
    apart for two movies, DC > Marvel anyday.

    tired of generic fun emotionless movies; certainly their films are technically better but they lack substance.

    visually and in the way they depict the heroes, DC movies are far ahead; let alone the soundtracks lol 90% of the tracks in Marvel films are forgettable.
    Mar 30, 2017
  4. T.O.T
    That's interesting that you have that stance toward the movies Storm, because a good number of people feel the opposite.
    Mar 31, 2017