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Am I Insane?

Discussion in 'The Front Gate' started by JoeDowntown, Jan 4, 2017.

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  1. JoeDowntown

    JoeDowntown Balamb Garden Freshman

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    Would it be possible to under the Final Fantasy Forum have sub forums for the different games in the series? Like right now with XV being the hot topic if someone is looking for another game it would make the process a little simpler. Or is it possible and Im to dumb to figure it out.

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  2. APZonerunner

    APZonerunner Network Boss-man Staff Member Administrator Site Staff UFFSite Veteran

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    You're definitely not insane, but we've figured for a while not that Mognet isn't quite big enough to support different forums for every single game - for now, I strongly suggest you head into the General FF forum and make a thread to discuss whatever aspect of whatever FF you like... or make a thread about a particular FF or era in general! Any of that is cool.

    A cool pro-tip also is that we have tags here on Mognet. If you make a thread or even afterwards you can add tags - in this thread, for instance, check under the title. You can use tags to tag a thread with specific games and the like, which helps people to search and filter. :)

    If the General FF forum gets much busier, we'll look into separate sections, of course.
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