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Any good English TRPGs or SRPGs for PS4?

Discussion in 'RPG Discussion' started by SyZtheActuary, Mar 18, 2016.

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  1. SyZtheActuary

    SyZtheActuary Stiltzkin's Apprentice

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    Hey all, first post :)

    My favorite game of all time is FFT, and I know Disgaea is supposed to be amazing, but I just couldn't get into 4. I don't know if it was the characters or the art style or just that I didn't quite know what to do (I only got maybe 3 hours in), but I'm not sure I want to pick up the 5th one

    I've pre-ordered the Grand Edition of Grand Kingdom because I like the art style, but I don't know much about the company making it

    I'd really like to pick up an Atelier game, but I know it's Japan only right now

    I did get Tales of Zestiria, but haven't started yet

    Loved Nier, so will be getting the new one

    Already did FFX and FFX-2 on PS3

    Type-0 I heard was bad, so not sure I want that

    Star Ocean is a long ways off

    Ni No Kuni is a long ways off

    Anything else I'm not aware of?
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  2. AnGer-dono

    AnGer-dono ShinRa SOLDIER

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    It'd be helpful if you told us which devices you want the games for.
  3. Rogue-Tomato

    Rogue-Tomato Yevonite

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    Says PS4 in the title. ;):happy:
  4. Zero

    Zero Red Wings Commander UFFSite Veteran

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    If you never played Valkyria Chronicles on PS3 then definitely take a look at the remaster coming out for PS4 next month, since you like SRPGs. I played it three times on PS3 and I'm still excited to play the remaster.
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