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Best scene that shows the Brotherhood?

Discussion in 'Final Fantasy Discussion' started by ultima786, Apr 26, 2017.

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  1. ultima786

    ultima786 Yevonite

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    There are quite a few moments that would work here, but I have to say nothing did as good of a job setting up the Brotherhood as the opening of Episode Duscae did. Sadly enough it wasn't even in the game!

    • Look how it shows Ignis' personality, waking up before the alarm even goes off, and he brings the alarm closer to the brothers to help wake them up.
    • Awesome cut-scene direction, the way the camera swings to-and-fro
    • Awesome voice acting and clever, realistic conversation
    • Prompto's quirky persona, especially how he taps Noctis on the cheek
    • Gladio's rough and snarky personality
    The second cutscene outside is also really good. The conversation flows so nicely. This really shows the chemistry that exists between the brothers. I don't recall it being done as nicely in the main game itself. This makes me pretty sad.

    One scene attempted to show off this kinda chemistry but fell-flat. It was when the Bros meet Ardyn in Lesttalum. The scene wasn't well directed and felt like it was half complete.

    Tabata, edit the Episode Duscae scene appropriately and put it in the game please!
  2. Lulcielid

    Lulcielid Turk

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    The gameplay itself in the final game shows the brotherhood better than any cutscene in either Duscae demo or in the game.
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2017
  3. Guitar (pseudo)God

    Guitar (pseudo)God Red Wings Commander

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    The ending, the dungeon dialog, the gameplay (re: @Lulcielid), the tours, etc...
  4. SonOfEtro

    SonOfEtro ShinRa SOLDIER

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    The in-field banter, and, I think, the boat trip across to Altissia.
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