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Coliseum save bug

Discussion in 'Final Fantasy Discussion' started by DrBretto, Dec 3, 2016.

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  1. DrBretto

    DrBretto AVALANCHE Warrior

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    There's a bug out there. Not sure it effects everyone, but after I went to the coliseum for the first time, the game just hangs there when I try to save. From this point in, you can't save no matter what you do, delete save, new game, reinstall, nothing.

    I was about to delete my save when a friend of mine recommended to me this little knowns site to find a solution. It's called Google and I think they're onto something here. That site might just take off.

    Anyway, if this happens to you, do not panic! Fir myself and many others out there, if you simply wait for like 10 full-ass minutes, it finishes saving and goes back to normal.

    I lost over 500k coins or whatever to my impatience. Twice. Don't be me.
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