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Ever Oasis (New RPG by GREZZO) [3DS]

Discussion in 'RPG Discussion' started by AnGer-dono, Jun 16, 2016.

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  1. AnGer-dono

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    Yesterday, on June 15th, Nintendo announced a new role-playing game for the 3DS, titled "Ever Oasis". Developed by GREZZO, the studio responsible for the remakes of the two N64 Zelda games, as well as Legend of Legacy and Zelda: TriForce Heroes and directed by Koichi Ishii, Creator of the Mana franchise, Ever Oasis is set in a desert where a mysterious force known as "Chaos" has taken over. You take control of a creature known as a "seedling", who partners up with the water spirit Isuna to revitalize an oasis, build a town and also explore the desert and the various dungeons within. To do the latter, you will find team members that are essential to solving puzzles and defeating enemies.




    The game will be released in 2017.
    (Source: Siliconera)
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