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FFXV Cheats - PS4 Save Editor available soon.

Discussion in 'Final Fantasy Discussion' started by xXShuyaXx, Feb 9, 2017.

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  1. xXShuyaXx

    xXShuyaXx Clan Centurio Member

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    Perhaps some of you may be interested. But the Cyber Gadget company and developer will be releasing a PS4 save editor next month. With this editor, you can not only backup save files, you can edit the save data to add cheats to the games.

    FFXV is confirmed and it will have 3 premade cheats, including max gil, ap and exp.

    This may be useful for those who do not have much time to play the game.

    I'm only posting this for those who may be interested so let's keep this thread clean guys, no arguing about whether save editing is good or bad.
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