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Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Event Expectaions/Wishes

Discussion in 'Final Fantasy Discussion' started by llazy77, Jan 23, 2017.

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  1. Tornak

    Tornak ShinRa SOLDIER

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    That's the whole event. Note the wording ("opening ceremony"): it's about kickstarting the anniversary year. Hashimoto said as much just today.

    If I were a betting man, I'd say we'll have another event in the actual FF I's release date anniversary (late 2017). Hopefully we don't have to wait that long to see some of FF VII-Remake (I wouldn't be surprised if we had, though). Depending on how things go, I could even expect a XVI tease late this year, but I'm incredibly doubtful on that, as the spotlight should be on VII-R and KH3, and they don't seem to be inminent releases.

    We'll never agree then (especially because I hate both characters :cactuar:), but that's alright! In regards to his CC death, I just see it as cheap as fuck and too melodramatic (even if it makes more sense within the game's gameplay up until that point), while his original demise was incredibly (for a videogame) visceral and fast, like an actual death. I hope they find a middle ground, at least...
  2. Hey Everyone

    Hey Everyone ShinRa SOLDIER

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    TBH I feel like the melodrama really helps the death look even more sad, and make Shinra look even more cold, Zack had dreams, they didn't care to them he was nothing more than a dangerous asset, a superhuman Soldier that's a bullet timer(look at the opening of Crisis Core, and look at the Advent Children fight Cloud dodged lightning coming straight for him, and the Reunion files say that the fights in Advent a slowed down, if they were played at full speed we wouldn't be able to see them), I like the flashes that were going on through his mind thinking of what his life could have been, his dreams coming to an end, as he can no longer fight and his body is about to give out. It wouldn't have made any sense for his death to be a regular one like a normal human beings if anything it makes him go out like a little bitch, he's a superhuman bullet timer, the guys in the original death he would have eaten for breakfast,, it would take an army to take him down SOLDIER First Class.

    I feel like the new death accomplishes more than the original one
    1. It shows off the dying dreams of Zack, what's going on through his head, as he knows he's about to die which makes it even more sad in the end.
    2. It still shows off the death, and the cold-heartedness of Shinra, as they didn't care that he was still a human
    3. It also shows Cloud's reaction, the reaction of a poorly Mako overloaded human.
    4. It also shows off Zack's powers better and doesn't cheapen the fact that he is a SOLDIER, he is a superhuman, bullet timing wonder, if it simply took a few guys to take him out it would have cheapened that fact and made him look like he was taken out like a bitch, a fast visceral death would have made him no different than a human, as if he had no powers to begin with, and it seems to be just because of hardware limitations, not because that's how his death really went.
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