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Greetings to the people here!

Discussion in 'The Front Gate' started by Galthena, Jul 20, 2016.

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  1. Galthena

    Galthena Balamb Garden Freshman

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    Well, it's the time to introduce myself so let's begin.
    I am not a large scale fan because I'm a novice gamer, but the Final Fantasy series for me is a masterpiece that can't be replaced. The little things about the series makes the result be incredible, better than other series, I think.

    Despite I haven't many games, I know many things about the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts (another masterpiece) series, so be free to talk with me if you want, of course.

    As a gamer, I can say that I only play RPG, mainly because of they profundity, progression and gameplay elements, but I admire any genre in particular, unless competitive games.
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  2. Chocobocoholic

    Chocobocoholic Yevonite

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    Hello and welcome to Mognet! Enjoy your stay, there's plenty to talk about, especially with Final Fantasy XV releasing in just over a couple of months :D Beware the spoiler threads. They're clearly marked, so you shouldn't stumble in them by mistake. They're there if you want, though.
  3. yeah_93

    yeah_93 AVALANCHE Warrior

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    You're welcome here, but please leave that gif at the gate.
  4. BladeRunner

    BladeRunner Chocobo Knight

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    Oh God. The memories...
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