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In Lightning Returns mankind will defy its fate one final time

Discussion in 'Nova Crystallis Updates' started by Alexander, Oct 15, 2013.

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  1. Alexander

    Alexander Mognet Newsbot Moderator

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  2. Omegaflare

    Omegaflare Yevonite

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    I really liked that article. The writer seems to be fair and not all too judgmental when it comes to FF XIII but also wont sugarcoat things. I like that.

    I think its awesome that they decided to make spells and such more spectacular and flashy again. Its something I have missed in FF since FF X. Those big, flashy "whoa" animations of spells and skills. So I am really excited to hear that this is back.

    Something that really grinds my gears so to speak though is that pre-order and exclusivity craziness of DLC. Nowadays you need to pre-order a game or buy it only at a certain retailer (which often is exclusive to a certain region) if you want some cool DLC. I noticed this on Batman: Arkham Origins too, where you only get to play as Deathstroke if you pr-order. I hate the development of this trend. Today you cant even go into a store anymore and buy a game after release if you want the good stuff. And to make it worse its of course different content for different regions.

    Sadly Final Fantasy seems to jump on that badnwagon now as well. You only get Cloud if you pre-order. You only get Samurai in europe. You only get Aerith in Japan, you only get Yuna if you buy FF X HD.

    I am totally cool with developers releasing additional stuff as DLC on PSN to buy. I have bought every single DLC for XIII-2 (not all at once of course). I am okay with that. But this pre-order and region-exclusive stuff or this "you only get it if you buy this as well" really needs to stop. Its just really unfair to the customer in my opinion.
  3. Joshua

    Joshua PSICOM Soldier

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    I completely agree, but I fear this is now a permanent part of the business. It also seems like a ploy for retailers to remain relevant as a digital-only future becomes more possible...
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