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Microsoft Confirms: Scalebound is Dead

Discussion in 'RPG Site Updates' started by Alexander, Jan 9, 2017.

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  1. Alexander

    Alexander Mognet Newsbot Moderator

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    Microsoft has ended production of Scalebound

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  2. SonOfEtro

    SonOfEtro Chocobo Knight

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    I heard, and couldn't believe it for a second. Microsoft may be tight-lipped on what happened, but according to earlier leaks, the partnership between Microsoft and Platinum went sour after Gamescome 2016, and after senior staff needed to take a month-long break due to work load, the whole thing was behind schedule and they were experiencing problems with the engine.

    Microsoft pulled another one, it seems. If it ain't Halo or one of its fifteen million compulsory multimedia elements, they're willing to pull the plug on anything.
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