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New Front Mission game is in the works

Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by ChronoRiskbreaker, Jun 8, 2015.

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  1. ChronoRiskbreaker

    ChronoRiskbreaker PSICOM Soldier

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    According to Siliconera, the former Armored Core producer is involved in the project, according to their source from Square Enix. I haven't played any Armored Core games yet, but I know it involves mechs. Right now, I'll be delving deep into analysis of the gameplay and battle system of the game series.
    It might also be the 'Secret Title' that Square Enix is hinting, but a Hitman game, or a new IP, is still a possibility.

    Here's the link:

    For now, it still looks like a rumor. But if it's true, I'll better get a hold of myself or else I'll be jumping off a building!!! Maybe that, or just ride the hype train.
  2. Lulcielid

    Lulcielid Turk

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    Leaks and rumors pre E3, so classic and it happens so often that it became a routine.
  3. Jenova

    Jenova ShinRa SOLDIER

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    Toriyama was involved in the last Front Mission. Could be the game he's rumored to be heavily involved in.
  4. Sora96

    Sora96 Sphere Hunter

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    There's no rumour. He clearly said it himself.

    On December 27, 2014 in a developer survey with 4Gamer.net, Motomu Toriyama, the director of the Final Fantasy X & Final Fantasy XIII series along with Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings provided a message regarding his new title. While it's been translated before, I asked goldpanner to provide a better translation. Thanks to her, you can read it below.


    Q4. Aspirations for 2015, or a message for the readers of 4Gamer.
    I am currently working hard on the next project.
    We will be able to announce it in 2015, so please look forward to that!
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