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SE asks for DQ VII's fan translation to be removed

Discussion in 'RPG Discussion' started by AnGer-dono, Jun 24, 2015.

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  1. AnGer-dono

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    A 3DS remake of the seventh installment of (Square) Enix's Dragon Quest RPG series was released for 3DS back in 2013 in Japan, but has never made it to the US and Europe ever since, Square Enix stating in 2014 that they "need confidence in the size of the audience" (source) before releasing the title. Yet, a group of fans were not so patient as to wait and decided to make an inofficial translation of their own (source) which has now been hit with a C&D, something a member of the translation team announced yesterday on the JRPG subreddit (source).

    Now, this can mean anything. However, last time a C&D for a fan translation of a Square Enix game was handed out, said game (FF Type-0) was released outside of Japan. Thus, there is a slim chance we might get to play DQ VII after all, but unless a release is officially announced, this may just be a move by Square Enix to protect their property.
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