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SEGA's first step to get back on it's feet?

Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by Wazi the pa, Oct 8, 2015.

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  1. Wazi the pa

    Wazi the pa Samurai Legend Moderator Site Staff

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    Just recently, there's been articles of SEGA planning and starting to 'port high quality' PC ports of their old games.

    An interesting section of Chief Executive of SEGA Haruki Satomi, making this statement:

    The fans and many others have been saying something like to SEGA for a long time and now someone from the company finally thinks the same way.

    Do you think SEGA has a chance in redeeming themselves? It's not much but I think it's a start.

    For more on the article:
  2. Crystal Power

    Crystal Power ShinRa SOLDIER

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    The final quote you posted was said before TGS, it was followed by they had plans to make a big announcement at the event if they can. I am not certain if this was it but I assume it was the Yakuza 6. I hope they get back on track, it's crazy to think how much they have fallen.
  3. Squirrel Emperor

    Squirrel Emperor Nuts Staff Member Moderator

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    If that game was suppose to be Yakuza 6, then nothing has really changed.
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