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Sony sells 8.58% stake in Square Enix

Discussion in 'Nova Crystallis Updates' started by Alexander, Apr 16, 2014.

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  1. Alexander

    Alexander Mognet Newsbot Moderator

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    Sony has announced it’s to sell its stake in Square Enix. The sale of Sony’s 9.5 million shares in Square – that’s an 8.58% stake in the company – will be made to SMBC Nikko Securities for a fee of … Continue reading →[​IMG]

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  2. hui43210

    hui43210 Yevonite

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    Is it really as big a deal as the internet seems to think it is.
  3. Fleur

    Fleur Red Wings Commander

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    Nah, not really.

    Sony have decided to get a decent return on non-voting shares from Square-Enix while the latter has it going relatively good for them (and indeed, better than where I predicted them to be a year or so ago). Perhaps very much influenced by the current situation Sony is in, they decided they'd get more out of selling the stock than the very intangible benefits they were previously receiving.

    Of course, one does wonder why they don't do it when FFXV arrives, but no one wants to wait another millennium for that.
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