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[SPOILERS] "The Last Jedi" Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Off Topic Discussion' started by Lulcielid, Dec 27, 2017.

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  1. Lulcielid

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    All Spoilers for The Last Jedi will be unmarked, everything is fair game, we won't hold back the details on what happens and how things happens in the movie, this is your last warning, if you want to not be spoiled leave this place now.
    My initial impressions on The Last Jedi, it was a great movie, I would rate it [​IMG] .

    Some semi-elaborate and semi-coherent thoughts:

    The weakest part of the movie would easily be most of the stuff involving Canto Bight and DJ, while that part of the movie has an interesting commentary about shaddy people making a living out of the conflicts and struggles in the galaxy (IMO) it ultimately doesn't mean a lot in the whole movie as it's not brought up again after Rose and Finn leave the planet. Speaking of Canto Bight, the whole cynical philoshophy of DJ about the corruption behind the forces of "good" and "bad" and never joining sides doesn't go anywhere, technically it goes somewhere but is only used as an execuse to justify him betraying Finn and Rose during their infiltration on the First Order Navy flagship Supremacy.

    The movie doesn't make a lot of efforts to justify Amilyn Holdo not telling the Resitance or at least Poe about their evacution plan and makes her look awful as a first impression but torwards the end they manage to make her turn around and make me care of her sacrifice, the ship blitzing by the whole First Order battalion with light speed hyper travel is easily in top 10 Star Wars moments (easily outranking the Star Destroyers collision in Rogue One).

    I think Finn is the character with the bigger question mark of "where's his character arc going now?" In the Force Awakens his arc was about escaping from his past as well as not facing the conflict with The First Order and The Resistance and at the end comming to accept and face his past, The Last Jedi reinforced the later by having him directly face and beat Captain Phasma and....where does he goes in Episode IX? This is not necesarily a flaw in Episode VIII but it's something that Episode IX will have to address.

    Kylo Ren, Rey and Luke where easily the stars of the movie but I will say that Kylo and Rey provided more great scenes than Luke did, he was still great though.
    Luke is at his most interesting in this movie, he was never IMO a particular exciting character to root for in the Original Trillogy but here as a broken master that no longer trust in the teachings of the Jedi ways but at the end finds peace thanks to the spark in Rey makes for a satisfying arc.
    Adam Drive puts an incredible performance as a Kylo who tries hard with anxiety & anger to dig very deep in the dark side to become a powerful sith and become the next Vader, him killing Snoke has satisfying, I think this his best performance as a mad and raged Kylo he has done so far.
    While Daisy Ridley performance is not as exciting as in The Force Awakens (still great though) her acting as Rey struggling to look for her place in the universe and the questions behind her role are spot on.

    The scene with pupet Yoda was a nice fanserive, I liked it.

    I will come with more thoughts once I can put the pieces together in a more well thought out way.
    Last edited: Dec 27, 2017
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