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Streaming FFXV LP/Review from a long-time FF player

Discussion in 'Final Fantasy Discussion' started by Critya, Dec 28, 2016.

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  1. Critya

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    Hey everybody my name is Critya and I have been doing some FF LPs/reviews for the last few months in preparation for FFXV's release and after finally beating it and getting a good grasp on what the game's about I have started my LP of FFXV. I do one line that's just story, and another that's open world content. Both are pretty candid and I'm picking up viewers with positive reviews so I thought I'd drop this here for anybody that's looking for more entertainment on the interwebs when they have time to kill.

    Here is my youtube channel, I should be posting quite a few videos a day so don't worry about lack of content.


    And here is the twitch channel that I stream it to originally.


    I Hope you all enjoy the videos and I encourage constructive feedback if you guys ever wanna leave comments or chat it up while I'm streaming. Enjoy!

    PS. sorry i couldn't provide direct links lol, anti-spam measures by the forum rules which I get.
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