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Two new Visual Styles Available

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by APZonerunner, Sep 21, 2014.

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  1. APZonerunner

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    Hey folks! So, it's time for themes. Skins. So... I've unlocked two beta skins. Mognet Central Dark and UFFSite V4 Classic.

    Mognet Central Dark is basically a similar sort of skin to the main one, but with dark greys and blacks where the current one is lighter and whiter. UFFSite V4 Classic is a theme full of rich 'royal blues', and will look visually familiar, I hope, to anybody who browsed UFFSite's forums frequently circa 2006 or so. It's a blast from the past!

    A key thing I need you guys to keep in mind is that these skins are in a sort of open beta. There may be little bugs here and there. There may be instances where text in some places is unreadable. Long story short, I may have missed a thing or two. If you discover something, please fire me a private message (it's the "Conversation" button on a person's profile, or click here) with details and I'll fix it up. Likewise if you think something on the themes isn't working and you just want to request a change. I can also create minor variations on themes if somebody is feeling like "this'd be great, but can you add (x)?"

    If anything outright breaks and you can't access the site or something, tweet me or email me - same username as here, or alex at rpgsite.net.

    How do you change? Hover over your name and you'll see the link to the style chooser now:

    And that's that. Enjoy, please comment, etc. :happymog:

    EDIT: This was broken out from the New September Features thread for clarity. Keep checking that thread for other ongoing updates.
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