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omg the final boss in DD! what a huge spectacle

i need DD2 in my life, the gameplay and the world is the highlight here but i liked everything really, even the jankiness in some aspects is charming; story is interesting but its simple and not the focus, even then there's many missables and possible routes in some quests.

really recommended game, now to do the post-game.
wasn't expecting Dragon's Dogma to be this good; raw and underrated gem.
The year is 2049 and people are still posting Versus XIII threads
Hot take now that I've finally played it: The Witcher III would be a whole lot better without its open world map(s). It adds nothing but filler content (map icon vomit) and actively detracts from what the game does well for me.
Comic Con is coming to South Africa!!! I am totally losing my mind right now