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My decision to push Gamefaqs out of my browsing experience has been a good one upon revisiting it recently.
After 13 years...it finally came out....

Onwards to Kingdom Hearts 3.
Product Description
Product NameAluminum alloy door
DescriptionThis product is an aluminum alloy door for the cleanroom of the electronics factory. It is suitable for our products such as CRE (Column Wall System), CRF (MAX1000 wall system), CRG (single wall system ) product. This http://www.ksmaxcleanroom.com/max-door-series/aluminum-alloy-door/
Quick Details
Material: PE
Usage: Cosmetics
Cosmetic Type: cleanser
Surface Handling: Screen Printing
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: AMY
Model Number: AM160229
Shape: round
Diameter: 45mm
Capacity: 100ml
Cap: flip-top cap
Tube lacqhttp://www.emptycosmetictubes.com/tube/tubew-straight-screwcap/
havc air conditioning double layer insulation with glassfiber air ducts
Type: HVAC Systems, Single Layer and Double Layer
Application: for Ventilation System and Refrigeration
Jacket Construction: Aluminum Foil+PET
Usage: for Firefighting, for Air Conditioner, Industrial, for Environment Protection
The price :include tax and carton