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    FFXV discussion thread [No Spoilers]

    Those versus trailers give me life haha but of course they were just trailer . i must say the 2013 re-reveal stuck with me the most and re ignited my intrigue for the game.
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    How this game's story could feel more completed and FF'ish

    in your chapter 0 just wondering how you would feel if the original idea of noctis's party escaping was implemented somehow? would have had more feeling running out of insomnia whilst being in the thick of it all.
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    FFXV discussion thread [No Spoilers]

    Finally finished the game after 60+ hours (getting sidetracked is my specialty) Game play wise it was amazing, combat felt responsive and fresh with every new encounter being a new challenge and not a chore. Exploring the world in car, chocobo or foot was amazing, the world really felt alive...
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    Final Fantasy XV - General News Thread

    Would really like to hear more of the song from the 2013 trailer.