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  1. 7z7

    What happen to the days of the Grandia saga, why wipe that off the grid??

    This game may not be for everyone, but I think the few that do enjoy the Grandia saga are captured right away.. I must however add, that my all time favorite was Grandia 1 which was one of the first rpgs I ever played besides Final Fantasy VII. If you are considering playing Grandia again, I...
  2. 7z7

    Last Movie You've Seen

    The Wolf of Wall Street was really an epic film and my last movie seen. @APZonerunner I can definitely see why Leonardo Dicaprio has become his most frequent collaborator so I completely disagree with you, especially of late.. I really think now that Dicaprio has aged, he now seems more mature...
  3. 7z7

    What happen to the days of the Grandia saga, why wipe that off the grid??

    Thanks, I was not aware. I'll be considering this for future purchases.
  4. 7z7

    There can only be one..

    There can only be one..
  5. 7z7

    What games are you playing now?

    This looks insane!! :D
  6. 7z7

    What happen to the days of the Grandia saga, why wipe that off the grid??

    Which rpg's are you referring to Stealth?
  7. 7z7

    What happen to the days of the Grandia saga, why wipe that off the grid??

    It is not only you. I too think that there is something of Tales that occupies a space somewhat of Granida. Eternal Sonata is another game I am currently playing that reverts me to thinking of Grandia. I havn't been playing long enough however to actually throw any accurate assumptions about the...
  8. 7z7

    What games are you playing now?

    Currently have 2 games that I am busy playing on xbox 360 - Eternal Sonata which I am just starting out - The lost odyssey ( what a mission it was to find this game but I finally got this badboy :) and it has most definitely been worth the effort ) This is a must play for any rpg fan out there.
  9. 7z7

    Your username

    My username came to me a few years back when I had to create an alias for some poker site I use to play on. I started dwelling on usernames I could use, and two came to mind (Squall and Zell) . These two names somehow led me to my famous "7z7" I now use today. The end :)
  10. 7z7

    Lost Odyssey - the FF that never was

    I cannot believe I am unable to get hold of this game. I have looked at most stores and no luck what so ever. Help! Anyone know of any trustworthy online stores to deliver games to South Africa such as the Lost Odyssey.
  11. 7z7

    Your Final Fantasy Dream Team

    Guys, no more than 7 characters.. stick to the rules.. cuman :rolleyes: u cn do it :)
  12. 7z7

    Your Final Fantasy Dream Team

    This is harder than I thought.. but my dream team in specific order would be: 1 - Squall Leonhart ( best main character ) 2 - Zell Dincht ( always chilled ) 3 - Lulu ( nice rack to keep my team motivated ) 4 - Wakka ( "I'm from Jamaica maan and I kick ass" ) 5 - Auron ( Always need that tough...
  13. 7z7

    Sony files new trademark for Arc the Lad

    What makes you think that?
  14. 7z7

    CyberConnect2 talks about the future of Hack

    Oh yes please! This would be amazing.. Bring us Hack :D
  15. 7z7

    Lightning Returns sells 277k first week in JP

    This is kinda sad. I understand the drop from FFXIII but it is quite a drastic drop from FFXIII-2. You would think that if you going to be getting yourself a copy of FFXIII-2, you simply cannot stop there. In my opinion this was a great game, and I enjoyed the ending to FFXIII-2 and could not...