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  1. ChrisB

    After Game Theories?

    What are people's theories on what happened to noctis prompto gladio and ignis Last we seen of noctis is that he disintegrated and disappeared then the same happened with the ring Last we seen of the other 3 they were left with all the daemons What happened to the the world off eos the...
  2. ChrisB

    Digital To Physical Copy HELP

  3. ChrisB

    Final Fantasy XV White Circle Around Weapons

    Probably a stupid question just wondered there is a white circle around the weapons it looks like a gauge I've watched video on YouTube and it goes down when fighting mine don't do this anyone have an answer to this for me Thanks Video is below skip to 0.53 seconds
  4. ChrisB

    Just How Much Content Should Be Added For the Game to Feel Complete?

    If they go all out people will feel they have wasted there time playing what they already have, I've finished the story and basically nearly done everything and 150 hours in, if I had to start all over again I'd be abit annoyed, They could input smaller things like few extra scenes and more...
  5. ChrisB

    Final fantasy games ruined

    I'm with you on this with the technology out these days I don't think turn base combat would work well with game play style of games these days I think final fantasy x was last turn based game i played even tho it's one of my favourites and it felt right back then, I personally love the...
  6. ChrisB

    Payoff w/o Setup: Great FFXV Story Analysis Video

    Where was iedolus didn't see him once in the game considering he was main villain in the movie and other characters from kingsclaive, story wasn't told very well if u hadn't watched kingsclaive I'd be puzzled to what's gone on
  7. ChrisB

    What on earth were they thinking with chapter 13?

    I'm actually enjoying chapter 13 it gave us a chance to concentrate on noctis and he's alone with no weapons, he's always had back up but now he's got to get through this one himself, I also like how ardyn is playing with his head
  8. ChrisB

    December patch.

    22nd December
  9. ChrisB


    So basically it has no use In the actual game itself just the after game, that's annoying, but doesn't change my opinion of the game
  10. ChrisB

    Final Fantasy XV - Review Thread

    Im on 7 hours and still on chapter 1 so this will be way more than a 20 hour game hoping to beat what I played on ff12 which was over 200 hours
  11. ChrisB

    Final Fantasy XV - General News Thread

    Everyone assumed this game was going to be a disaster because of the previous final fantasy, but have to give the director credit even tho he's changed the game style I think he's made it into a masterclass which will be one of my Favourite games
  12. ChrisB


    Is it true you have to complete the game first before you can get the airship?
  13. ChrisB

    Final Fantasy XV - General News Thread

    Loving this game so far, so glad the story started slow gave us the opportunity to go round exploring and doing few side quests and level up.can see this being one of my favourites
  14. ChrisB

    Final Fantasy XV - General News Thread

    Is the top one the day 1 patch? Crown Patch? Heard it was around 7GB
  15. ChrisB

    Ending Impressions

    I've seen videos up on YouTube of the final boss and videos of the summons fighting each other, didn't watch them as didn't want to ruin the game for myself,