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    Competition: Win Final Fantasy VIII PC on Steam!

    I'd choose something that could protect my entire party. So Carbuncle and/or Alexander.
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    What do you Think About a Full-Blown Final Fantasy Game on a Mobile Platform?

    Some Full Final Fantasy games are available via Google Play via Square Enix, as well as a mobile-exclusive 3D RPG.
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    How would you make the next Final Fantasy?

    Scenario It's been many a century since the goddesses came down to the planet, and ravaged it. Most people thought they were divine, and attempted to worship them. Only to be devoured, soul and all. The goddesses, they made the universe, yet they are angry with our ways of life. Their giant...
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    Who is your favorite Final Fantasy character?

    Celes / Ceres, Tifa, and any other motherly, loving lady-types.
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    Waiting for Aura Kingdom and Lime Odyssey from Aeria Games. Wishing for more Linux RPGs.

    Waiting for Aura Kingdom and Lime Odyssey from Aeria Games. Wishing for more Linux RPGs.
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    I liked Fallout 3 more than New vegas, but I had to cheat with the in-game dev console, because I'm horrible at shooters, and absolutely loathe western progression to the point I never do well in games that use it.
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    What are your favorite RPG series?

    Wild ARMs Star Ocean Tales Xeno Grandia
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    Xenoblade Chronicles X Announced

    I would be, but I don't plan on ever buying a Nintendo Console again.
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    Upcoming RPG's

    I'm looking forward to this one: Since it'll be on Linux eventually IF they get greenlit that is.
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    Final Fantasy XVI Discussions (TBA)

    I don't care WHAT setting it has. As long as the progression isn't western-styled (IE: FFXIII. Even without the "Hallway" aspect, it's still western progression. See Elder Scrolls, Dark/Demons Souls, etc.)