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  1. Crystal Power

    Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Event Expectaions/Wishes

    I must have missed that interview. I'd like to read it if you have it still? Honestly I hope we can expect Cloud to be muscular in the remake when new footage appears, it coincide with most of his official appearances and even his latest Play Arts Kai figurine for the remake he is more macho.
  2. Crystal Power

    Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Event Expectaions/Wishes

    Well if what Nomura recently said about Kingdom Hearts III & Final Fantasy VII Remake is right then it seems they apparently haven't.
  3. Crystal Power

    Final Fantasy XV - General News Thread

    Curious. Is there a reason the Carnival is limited or is it just limited for the time to download it but it can be revisited in-game indefinitely? EDIT: @DrBretto I don't think it should be changed either. It's a unique section and that's what makes it appealing. I've seen some people say why...
  4. Crystal Power

    im enough with ffxv problems

    I didn't know it can be worked around like .that I would have thought the content would be incompatible when on the European account in your case. With this I suppose it may work if GunnerCat DL the update from the same region account and disc, Then go back to their main account.
  5. Crystal Power

    im enough with ffxv problems

    While the PS4 is Region Free for games, DLC content is region locked. As Storm said it must be the same of the same region the game disc you have. You won't be able to switch DLC's to another account either from what I know. The best you can do is perhaps contacting Sony and they hopefully may...
  6. Crystal Power

    Final Fantasy VII REMAKE - General News Thread

    Still feeling down after Nomura's recent Final Fantasy VII:Remake & Kingdom Hearts III "update". Hopefully they aren't to far away..
  7. Crystal Power

    Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Event Expectaions/Wishes

    Expecting a mobile game announcement
  8. Crystal Power

    Versus XIII/FNC/XV development - Destroying the 10 year myth - Lots of reading

    The start of the topic on gamefaqs was good, until the destroying the whole 10 year development being it's focus. Reason why is, the main issue here should be the troubled development era of FNC & SE (i.e the start of PS3/360 gen). The topic did a good job of explaining that but they should get...
  9. Crystal Power

    FFVIIRemake & how would DLC work?

    Might go a bit like this.
  10. Crystal Power

    Final Fantasy XV - Sales Thread

    This is very true. Fans are actually divided strongly on what the series is or what it should be in the future. I think it's bad when fans are now in heated arguments if the series is turn-based or action, and not just a personal preference thing but literal loathing of one or the other styles...
  11. Crystal Power

    Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary

    Apologies, I meant for console users. Being PC exclusive might be what the MMO's will become though, if they can maintain the servers. I can't see the mobile version being a good replacement for anything though, even though I do play Mobile (Mobius, Record Keeper regarding FF games on mobile)...
  12. Crystal Power

    Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary

    I'm more concerned about the lack of FFXI to be honest. With the PS2 version being shut down and more emphasis is being put into FFXIV as time go on, could there ever come a time FFXI will be a gaping hole in the series no one can go re-play (or play if they missed out)? It might be silly but...
  13. Crystal Power

    Final Fantasy XV - General News Thread

    Whoa! How would they insert your own customized playable character in the story!? If they do I would like lose myself in joy! I love character creation. Just like the MMO's but for single player. I hope they consider adding the ability to explore Tenebrae as well.
  14. Crystal Power

    [Slight Spoilers] FFXV Character Models

    Is it the cave from the Episode Duscae demo!? We have go get them (and Ramuh) now! *v* Ah... even if it's not UHQ. I hope they release some with better resolutions when they release new screens in the future. :)
  15. Crystal Power

    What music are you currently listening to?

    kaze no uta - FLOW