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  1. EvilHero

    Favorite RPG's of the Last Generaiton (DS,PSP,WII,PS3,360)

    Xbox360-Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, Star Ocean 4, Eternal Sontana, The last Remnant, Mass Effect 1 & 2, Final Fantasy XIII and I know im forgetting something...
  2. EvilHero

    RPG Site Log In issues

    So I been trying to log into RPG Site for a while now, I used the same user name and password I been using and thought that maybe I somehow forgot my password. I even went to UFF and saw that nothing was wrong with it. So I tried again at RPG Site and I keep getting an error message saying...
  3. EvilHero

    Your Gamer-ID, Facebook, Twitter etc.

    Same as Soup or Man , feel free to add me on whatever. I'm always up for chatting about videogames, anime, etc. PSN: ReconVirus(Dont own a PS3 or PS4 atm) XBL: ReconVirus Steam:ReconVirus Twitch: ReconVirus Twitter:Swaggy_McMuffin Instagram: Swag_McMuffin Skype: AnnoyingYet
  4. EvilHero

    What are your favorite RPG series?

    I have always been a big fan of the Final Fantasy Kingdom Hearts Star Ocean Tales of' I would say pokemon would be one of them as well but HG/SS and backwards. I dont really care for the newer ones after that point. Just wish they would make another Star Ocean :\ I for one loved the Last Hope.