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  1. Fleur

    Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward - A Tour of the North

    And all of that is obvious to you now, because of hindsight. Prior to the release date disclosure, many of us were still hopeful for an actual spring release, so it wasn't too unreasonable for a lot of us to expect a few more concrete details on the new jobs.
  2. Fleur

    Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward - A Tour of the North

    I thought the stream was disappointing, though perhaps I was just expecting too much. It's fantastic at last to have a release date (I don't mind it being just at the dawn of summer, rather than spring. Take all the time you need to polish up, Yoshi-P), but I really wanted further details on how...
  3. Fleur

    Final Fantasy XV - General News Thread

    Asking for 1080p screenshots is a tall order now? As it's already been said, yeah_93's comment wasn't about what the demo resolution should be, and simply about how higher quality screenshots would be nice. I agree with your post, but you picked a bad game example there, when Unity is known to...
  4. Fleur

    Final Fantasy XV - General News Thread

    Well yeah, but you'd think someone like Square-Enix would be more than able to put out screenshot resolutions higher than 720p. What if I want to make one of them a wallpaper on my Retina Mac?
  5. Fleur

    Tokita says what he views as the definitive version of FFIV

    It's still subjective, and the opinion of the chief architect behind the game isn't going to make it an objective truth. I stated my reasons for the PSP version in the other thread, but I also acknowledge that some people don't want to be bound to a small handheld screen (unless you can get it...
  6. Fleur

    Your favourite FINAL FANTASY antagonist.

    I'm definitely going to be in the minority here, but I would sing the praises of Vayne Solidor any day. Sure, he's nowhere near as immediately dangerous as the likes of Kefka and Sephiroth. He does not swing an impossibly stupid sword around while speaking with the unfiltered sexiness of Liam...
  7. Fleur

    What do you think is the definitive version of FFIV?

    Having tried out the 3D remake of the game on iOS, I lean more towards the old 2D sprites. There's nothing fundamentally wrong with the 3D remake, but it's going to be painfully dated years down the line, next to the relative timelessness and charm of 16-bit sprites. So in this regard, I'll...
  8. Fleur

    Are the character designs going to affect the sales of Final Fantasy XV

    Honestly? Barely any, I'll say. The overwhelming majority of commentators comparing the crew to the Backstreet Boys will still buy the game. If not, feel free to remind them that the franchise has seen much, much, much worse atrocities (*cough* denizens of Spira and much of the crew from Dirge...
  9. Fleur

    Thoughts on Just Cause 2?

    It may overstay its welcome after over two dozen hours. Just Cause 2 provided me with countless hours of unthinking fun, but its chief downfall is the fact that size doesn't actually matter. It has an astonishingly huge map, but a dearth of interesting content and variety imbued within this...
  10. Fleur

    Final Fantasy XV - General News Thread

    Sorry guys, I didn't mean to trigger a meta-discussion about graphics and downgrades. xD I haven't been on lately to say this, but I'm damn pleased to hear that familiar main Final Fantasy theme being played again, and given the Shimomura twist. It hasn't appeared in an offline FF game since...
  11. Fleur

    Dissidia Final Fantasy ARCADE Announced

    Hmm. Looks like quite a budget is going into this, as it doesn't look too bad. They'd be daft not to have plans for at least a console digital download version of this for western markets, and I don't believe they're that tone deaf to demand, given the legs this would have. Y'shtola being...
  12. Fleur

    Final Fantasy XV - General News Thread

    Judgements of overall quality that are being extrapolated from a handful of screenshots based on a seemingly rushed demo presumably running on an unfinished version of Luminous, and for a game that is still a mile off yet meant for home consoles and not a GTX 970 rig. Also, don't get me wrong...
  13. Fleur

    Final Fantasy XV - General News Thread

    Sometimes, even I have to feel sorry for Square-Enix. Not showing anything means a blackout, and no one likes information blackouts. Then they do regularly show something, even if it's something piecemeal, and all of a sudden cries of downgradeathons ring through the air like sirens' clarion...
  14. Fleur

    Final Fantasy VII - 18 years old today

    Not my favourite Final Fantasy game by any stretch of the imagination, but nonetheless, it was undeniably a monumental, influential video gaming giant that played a huge role in shaping the industry, the JRPG genre and the destiny of PlayStation in the many years to follow. I personally never...
  15. Fleur

    Square Enix PS4 announcement incoming

    This is why people's expectations of any Square-Enix announcement via initial teasers should be so low that they burrow into the core of the earth. Still, let's be fair on the game creators. It looks cute. Just unfortunate that this is free-to-play, which more or less means progress can be...