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  1. FootloosePhoenix

    E3 2016: June 14 - June 16

    Honestly I'm glad Persona 5 isn't coming to NA until February. I'm already going to have my hands full of JRPG goodness with Final Fantasy XV and then World of Final Fantasy coming out a month later. I'm beginning to suspect that Nier: Automata will be pushed back into next year as well.
  2. FootloosePhoenix

    Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age (Coming to PS4)

    Sweet! I've always wanted to try XII, but just never got around to buying it. Looks like a lot of fun.
  3. FootloosePhoenix

    What games are you playing now?

    I've been grinding like a maniac in Diablo 3 for the platinum trophy. Literally just need to level my Barbarian up twelve more times and it will be mine. >:| Also been playing through Oxenfree for the first time. I'm not sure if I'd recommend it, but it's an interesting game, kiiiiind of like...
  4. FootloosePhoenix

    Price tags and the value of videogames

    I'll start by saying that I live in Canada, where the cost of brand-new console games ranges from $70-$80, with handheld games usually being around $50, because our dollar is doing poorly and shows no signs of recovering any time soon. This unfortunate reality has forced me to be very choosey...
  5. FootloosePhoenix

    Yooka-Laylee: The age of 3D platformers coming back?!

    The trailer makes me really hopeful. I never played Banjo-Kazooie, but I did grow up playing platformers, and the trailer definitely rekindled that childhood sense of joy in me again. I hope it's as good as it looks and it performs well in terms of sales. Judging from how successful the...
  6. FootloosePhoenix

    Pokemon Sun and Moon

    Don't worry, I already have a copy of HeartGold and it's next on my list after Platinum. :D After that, if I haven't burnt myself out on Pokemon yet, I'll probably pick up Blue. It's great that Nintendo finally put them on the eShop.
  7. FootloosePhoenix

    Pokemon Sun and Moon

    I didn't play Pokemon when I was a kid, weirdly enough, but since I got a New 3DS about a year ago, I've been totally on board the Pokemon train; between Y, Alpha Sapphire and my current play-through of Platinum, I've probably clocked somewhere around 300 hours into Pokemon. So I'm very excited...
  8. FootloosePhoenix

    What games are you playing now?

    I started re-playing the first Final Fantasy game I ever touched last night: Final Fantasy X-2. I still find the game super fun. Of course, the warm hand of nostalgia squeezing my heart doesn't hurt either. :D Dat Memories of Lightwaves.
  9. FootloosePhoenix

    Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna (Project Setsuna), PS4 and PSVita, Early 2016

    Watching that trailer made me feel all warm and tingly inside. :3 Looks super promising. I like the music, the presentation, the snowy setting, the character just looks GOOD. I'll be keeping my eye on this game for sure.
  10. FootloosePhoenix

    What games are you playing now?

    I just got a PS4, so I'm trying to catch up on the games I've been missing out on. Currently about halfway through my first run of inFamous: Second Son (playing Evil, as is my tradition with the series). It's a pretty nice little game, but it's clear they rushed it a lot. I probably would have...
  11. FootloosePhoenix

    Persona Special Stage TGS 2015 (Persona 5)

    I agree from a thematic and story standpoint, but they're both boring as hell to traverse. At least the different zones in the TV world were visually interesting. Still, I favour Persona 3 a lot more because of the characters and somewhat darker tone. A lot of people may disagree with me, but I...
  12. FootloosePhoenix

    Persona Special Stage TGS 2015 (Persona 5)

    Oh boy, if you thought Persona 4's dungeons are boring, you should see Persona 3. It's still one of my favourite games, but definitely not for the dungeon-crawling (or combat for that matter).
  13. FootloosePhoenix

    Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness, PS3/PS4, 2/25/16 JP/2016 West

    I've never played a Star Ocean game, but I've always wanted to try one and this looks right up my alley. And the series is developed by tri-Ace! I totally forgot that. I'm probably the only person who knows them as the company that developed Radiata Stories instead of, y'know, their flagship...
  14. FootloosePhoenix

    Final Fantasy XV - General News Thread

    Luna looks like a badass and I love it. I'm fine without more gameplay for now. Between the demo and previous trailers, I already feel like they've presented a clear idea of what it will be like and personally, I don't care to have everything about it spelled out before the game is even...
  15. FootloosePhoenix

    Persona Special Stage TGS 2015 (Persona 5)

    Yeah, I really wasn't expecting Persona 5 to still release this year. I'm not disappointed, as long as Atlus makes it the best game it can be. But man, 2016 is going to be absolutely packed. I can't remember a year when more games that I wanted to get right away will come out.