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  1. Franbell

    Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is coming to PC

    Steam Workshop compatibility. Boom. If SE are dumb enough not to officially support mods in some way, they'll be losing TONS of potential customers. Modding is a massive quality of PC gaming, especially open world games that make a good platform to build mods on to. One could even argue that...
  2. Franbell

    Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is coming to PC

    What does that even mean? What negative effects could a PC port have on the franchise? You really should start elaborating on these statements before wanting to exclude a big fraction of gamers from the series.
  3. Franbell

    FFIX HD Remaster?

    I'd settle for a slightly updated re-release like FF7 & 8 for PC. Don't see it happening, though.
  4. Franbell

    Is this real life?

    Or is it just fantasy? Seriously, I couldn't believe my eyes when I found a FF-centered forum where discussion is kept civil and fanboyism seems non-existent. I love you all already. So, hello! I hope to get along with everyone. P.S: Not a native english speaker, so please be merciful :)