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  1. gaiages

    RPG recommendations for the PS3(or other?)

    It's sorta weird. For PS3, there's the Arland trilogy (Rorona, Totori, Meruru) and the Dusk games (Ayesha, Escha & Logy, Shallie when it's released). You may want to play the related games in order, but other than that you really don't have to. Heck, not playing them in order isn't too big of...
  2. gaiages

    Final Fantasy Type-0 Fan Translation It looks as though the English fan translation of Type-0 is nearing completion. It'll be good for non-Japanese speakers to be able to enjoy the PSP game. Anyone else going to download the translation patch...
  3. gaiages

    Bravely Default Discussion

    It's like the best game in forever. I read through the Writings in D's Journal today, and good gracious, is that shiznit weird. Here are my thoughts: (spoilers, I'm at the end of Chapter 3) Other than that, playing with all the classes is a lot of fun. I also like that I can turn off...
  4. gaiages

    GameTrailers - Top 10 Worst Final Fantasy Games

    I greatly enjoyed XIII when I first played it, but... it's really not something I'd ever play again. Hell, even helping my boyfriend beat a boss felt like a slog to me. Looking back, I enjoyed it because it *looked* like an interesting new world to learn about (not explore; I knew about the...
  5. gaiages

    Final Fantasy V appreciation thread

    I do feel that, at the least, the re-translation for the GBA remake helps that a bit. The characters have a bit more personality to them, and on the whole the story is a lot more light-hearted... of course, that doesn't stop the game's plot from being bland overall, but it's really a step up...
  6. gaiages

    King (Candy Crush Saga dev) and its trademark claims to common nouns

    Oh, that's just hilarious. Candy Crush dude, your head's getting too filled with those millions of dollars to see reason. ...And now I'm a little jealous of him.
  7. gaiages

    Last Movie You've Seen

    Last movie I saw was the second Hobbit film. It was... uh, okay. It went on for longer than I thought it would (multiple times I was like "okay they're gonna end if HERE... or not"), and I find it odd that the only thing they're leaving for the end is the Smaug's attack on... that town/Battle...
  8. gaiages

    What games are you playing now?

    I haven't updated in a while because I'm lazy. So: My World, My Way - It's... an interesting RPG. A little on the easy side and can grow tedious after extended play times. Etrian Odyssey IV - Wanting something a little more challenging, I started this up again (I'm in the 3rd Land). Hard...
  9. gaiages

    Your top 10 Final Fantasy soundtracks

    My tracks are in no particular order, mostly because I had trouble remembering the track names and whatnot. FFV - Battle on Big Bridge FFV - The Battle FFV - Home Sweet Home FFX - Seymour Battle FFX - Suteki da ne FFIX - Hunter's Chance FFIX - Vamo'alla...
  10. gaiages

    Final Fantasy Enhanced Ports

    That'd be interesting. I don't really care about ports too much, but it'd be cool if SE remake all the PS1 FFs.
  11. gaiages

    Final Fantasy X-2.5 novel ends with "To be Continued"!!!!

    Oh haha that last bullet point. Silly kids.
  12. gaiages

    LTTP: Nier

    One thing about Nier (that really makes it or breaks it for some people) is that you have to play it three times to get all the little story bits. It's true that the characters weren't really... developed, but the next playthroughs offer more information and the plot twists start to get really...
  13. gaiages

    Your username

    Hah, that's pretty great! My roommate did the same, and got the name RemoveableHorse. You can guess what username he uses now ;D as for mine, it's a combo of the word 'gaia' and part of my last name. Nothing too special.
  14. gaiages

    Least favourite genres

    I honestly don't dislike most genres... in fact, most I'd put on this list (like FPS and rogue-likes) I've warmed up to the past year or so. That said, there's still a couple left... Overly Difficult Platformers - Not Mario or anything like that, but games like Super Meat Boy: Essentially...