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    Yes, it is!

    Yes, it is!
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    Hello! Oh and be welcome too!
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    What XV franchise have you pre-ordered

    Deluxe Edition + Standart Official Guide In my case, this is complicated because I live in Brazil so I pay with BRL, and the Deluxe Edition costs R$300,00. As I want to have the Blu-ray of Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV and not only watch the movie on streaming, if I want to pay less I have to...
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    Greetings to the people here!

    Well, it's the time to introduce myself so let's begin. I am not a large scale fan because I'm a novice gamer, but the Final Fantasy series for me is a masterpiece that can't be replaced. The little things about the series makes the result be incredible, better than other series, I think...
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    "It's a beautiful day now watch some bastard fuck it up."

    "It's a beautiful day now watch some bastard fuck it up."