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  1. JoeDowntown

    Am I Insane?

    Would it be possible to under the Final Fantasy Forum have sub forums for the different games in the series? Like right now with XV being the hot topic if someone is looking for another game it would make the process a little simpler. Or is it possible and Im to dumb to figure it out. Thanks
  2. JoeDowntown

    Who is your favorite Final Fantasy character?

    I hate the "best of" because I stink at these. :D Women - Lightning, Tifa, Serah and Rinoa Men - Squall, Zidane, Sazh
  3. JoeDowntown


    Long time listener first time caller.... :) Long time Final Fantasy fan been a serious fan since 8. When I got to Air Force Tech School in 1999 a buddy gave me Metal Gear, FF 8 and Symphony of the Night. I up until that point was mainly a Madden/NBA Live guy. I fell in love with Rinoa been all...