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  1. Kaii

    How do you feel about Cidney?

    You raise an interesting point. But I think that @yeah_93 is ultimately right; FF is a series with a LOT of fanservice. You might have a good point about the shirt, but if Cidney were just a classic male Cid, he wouldn't be in short shorts or thigh-high boots. I'm honestly a little disappointed...
  2. Kaii

    Last Movie You've Seen

    I just saw Horrible Bosses 2. I liked the first one because I'm a huge fan of Jason Bateman (Arrested Development), Jason Sudeikis (SNL/30 Rock) and Charlie Day (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia). I think they're a great ensemble cast and I love the rapport they've established since the first...
  3. Kaii

    Square Enix to reveal a new RPG in December (and it's not a remake)

    I'm starting to appreciate your cynical, capitalist take on things :P. It keeps from being like "Oh, Nomura! That's a big deal and I should be freaking out!"
  4. Kaii

    Will Kingdom Hearts III have Marvel and Star Wars things?

    I really think that hits the nail on the head. It would be an incredibly awkward fit for Marvel. Maybe less so for Star Wars, because Star Wars has been mashed together with fucking everything, but I'd still rather not see it. I don't think it's in real danger of happening though. Disney...
  5. Kaii

    Worlds that should be in Kingdom Hearts III. Whats yours?

    I feel like Disney's going to end up making Star Wars video games anyway, so I'd kind of rather they didn't drag Mickey, Donald and co. into it as well.
  6. Kaii

    1080p Videos of FFXV's Walkthrough and Tech demo trailers.

    I heard that Duscae is going to be 1/10 of the whole map, and that we haven't seen nearly all of Duscae yet. The sense of scale is already crazy though, according to NeoGaf.
  7. Kaii

    Worlds that should be in Kingdom Hearts III. Whats yours?

    Haha, wow, that is definitely the most original idea I've ever heard for a KH world! I had totally forgotten about A Goofy Movie, though I remember quite liking the story and the developing relationship between Goofy and his son. However, I don't know that that stuff would translate well into...
  8. Kaii

    Favorite Battle/leveling System in Final Fantasy?

    I know, but you just can't get that kind of speed when you're trying to control 3-4 characters! Unless, you know, you're one of those Starcraft players who can do like 200 actions per minute <_<
  9. Kaii

    Shows you're currently watching

    What is that ABOUT?
  10. Kaii

    Favorite Battle/leveling System in Final Fantasy?

    I'm glad that FFXII is getting so much love! Normally all I ever hear is gambits this, gambits that. Not surprised that FFVII is leading though. There was something about materia that I found very satisfying. However, I'm going to add that I also thought FFXIII's battle system was really...
  11. Kaii

    What's your most anticipated game this holiday season?

    Dragon Age: Inquisition and AC: Unity, but I'll prolly wait until after the holiday season to get AC. I suspect that it's not going to be good enough to pay full price for.
  12. Kaii

    A Tetsuya Nomura x Hatsune Miku game is ‘possible’

    I'm skeptical. I think the only kind of game that would make sense to do with Hatsune Miku would be a singing game, like Singstar or something. Anything else I'd find kind of weird.
  13. Kaii

    Final Fantasy 8 or 9?

    Good call. Would've advised that myself. :zidane:
  14. Kaii

    Hatsune Miku x Tetsuya Nomura Collaboration

    video's out. just casually falling into the Statue of Liberty's torch in a parallel NYC that overlooks the entire world. yup.
  15. Kaii

    FFXV Active Time Report Details

    I don't know why, but I might be the most excited about what I've heard about gas stations, hotels, and BBQing. I like the little elements of realism. I even (tenatively) like that the amount of rest you've had impacts how well you battle, though there's a chance that I might find it practically...