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  1. kamikki

    Final Fantasy XV Jump Festa 2015 Trailer Details

    The uncle is still the traitor :p
  2. kamikki

    Explaining my stance on Final Fantasy XV

    I see why you are aggravated by the current state of FFXV, OP, but I fail to see how those things (which some of the most 'aggravating' are pure speculation by yourself) should actually matter to the others. I mean, you then go in full swinging mode and illustrate why is that this things make...
  3. kamikki

    Final Fantasy PSN Problems

    My worn and tired psp had trouble emulating FF9, so everything was even slower than it used to be, but before it used to emulate it perfectly, so it must be be your PSP that's getting tired.
  4. kamikki

    Final Fantasy 8 or 9?

    By playing 8 you have a chance of burning out and not wanting to play Final Fantasy anymore, so definitely go with 9 first, because you don't want to miss that one :)
  5. kamikki

    Final Fantasy XV, how do you currently feel about this game now?

    I just need some themes composed by Ishimoto and I'm golden.
  6. kamikki

    Square Enix Presents: Tabata’s Active Time Report on October 31st!

    Active Time Report such a good name *goes back to he's Final Fantasy IX cave*
  7. kamikki

    In what form do you think we'll get FFXII HD Remaster?

    Hopefully on the Vita. But I won't hold my breath.
  8. kamikki

    Favourite Final Fantasy Villain

    Kuja is what Kefka wants to be when he grows up.
  9. kamikki

    Favourite Final Fantasy Lead Character

    Gotta go with Zidane, my favorite and overall most likable Final Fantasy lead. Also has the coolest weapons!
  10. kamikki

    Hironobu Sakaguchi announces Terra Battle for iOS/Android

    Ideally I wish they'd retool the game into a 15€ digital release on vita. Will still try it out and maybe put some money in to support The Gooch
  11. kamikki

    Final Fantasy Newbie

    So does the XIII trilogy
  12. kamikki

    Final Fantasy Newbie

    Glad you liked it, I also really like Crisis Core and feel like the game is a bit underrated by the fandom. Crisis Core kinda spoills FF7 though, you should have played 7 first ahah, but you should be ok, there are still plenty surprises. 9 is actually my favorite (not only Final Fantasy, but...
  13. kamikki

    Final Fantasy Newbie

    Did you like Crisis Core? Every Final Fantasy is very unlike the other, you will likely enjoy some a lot and not so much others.
  14. kamikki

    We can actually switch characters in FFXV!

    I'd totally buy a DLC to make all the boys wear white!
  15. kamikki

    Final Fantasy XV Future Showings Schedule

    Like reality based on fantasy