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  1. Leon Gehste

    Windows 10

    Got mine installed and got everything almost setup the way i want it, down side is I should have saved pictures to a flash drive lost those :( . So far everything runs fast and fine Cortana is really interesting, somehow i was able to run Deus Ex Human Revolution from using Cortana but can't...
  2. Leon Gehste

    What games are you playing now?

    FFXIV mostly, think i have a problem >_>, been trying to replay .hack series and Star Ocean series but keep getting side tracked from FFXIV also trying to play Pokemon Heartgold and finish FFXIII Lightning Returns and Final Fantasy Type 0. So many games so little time and soon the FFXIV...
  3. Leon Gehste

    Hello new to this place

    Yeah i was pleasantly surprised to see that announcement since I been wanting a new Star Ocean game, wish they'll release the first two on PSN store so i can play on my PS Vita
  4. Leon Gehste

    Hello new to this place

    Hello new to this forum place and I go by Leon Gehste in the online world, as you can see by the name one of my favorite series is Star Ocean and since I played Star Ocean Second Evolution i been going by the character Leon Gehste (only played the PSP version since never owned a PS1), I might...