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  1. Leonhart

    FINAL FANTASY XV live at Abbey Road Studios (NOW!!)

    The concert is live and Yoko Shimomura itself is there talking about about the soundtrack! Performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra. "Join us on 7th September, 2016 at 19:00 BST for an exclusive live performance of songs from the FINAL FANTASY XV soundtrack performed by the London...
  2. Leonhart

    Justice Monsters V drops globally on August 30

    I have played some games, the characters are fun but... I think I will not lost my time with this game. I already have droped Kindgom Hearts X because of Brave Exvious and Mobius so I can't see me playing this game that has nothing to do with the lore o FFXV. If this game wasn't in FFXV I think...
  3. Leonhart


    Funny thing is that Libertus probably is the only Glaive alive. And since their powers comes from the King and the King is dead... All Glaives are actually "extinct".
  4. Leonhart


    It's strange to see a "spoiler tag" in a SPOILER thread :cactuar: But your speculation makes sense I think. Luna knows about the future because she is the oracle and believe in her duty without any doubts. This could explain much of her actions in the movie... Like jumping of the plane. But we...
  5. Leonhart

    Final Fantasy XV - General News Thread

    I can't belive you guys are fighting over and over again because Luna in every Final Fantasy XV topic. :kefkalol:
  6. Leonhart


    I remember reading somewhere that the Glaives won't be in the game... But since the Glaives are "extinct" now, maybe we could meet Libertus and hear a little about Nyx and the others. But I don't know, I feel that it won't be happening... Maybe if the fans demand it enough their turn the...
  7. Leonhart


    I don't think the purpose of the swords was protect them from the bullets but to say "If you try to shoot we will f***** kill you with these flying blades". BTW Don't forget that in the Versus XIII era Noctis used the phantom swords as shield against bullets... These little crystals flying in...
  8. Leonhart


    If I remember Tabata said that all summons are Astrals and they power will differ based on their size - the most powerful are huge but we probably see small ones like Carbuncle and maybe Umbra and Pryna too. Where do you get the information that Carbuncle isn't an Astral? Also I have found...
  9. Leonhart


    Knights of the Round possible will be in the game but they are not a summon because they are not "Astral". They power came from the Lucii Ring so probably we will only use it in the end of game or something like that. Maybe they are possible only in a special fight like this one with Diamond...
  10. Leonhart

    Criticisms About Luna (Spoilers)

    I think the movie isn't what we should expect from Luna... I don't see any of the elements they are promoting of her in the movie... Her power as oracle, her prestige, anything... Even Gentiana is missing and maybe will only join her in Altissia. I think the Luna from the game will be more...
  11. Leonhart


    Hi guys, loooooong time no see... I was anxious to talk with someone about the film so I decided to come back... First of all I think it's honest do agree with the reviews that says that Kingsglaive is not a great movie - for a general audience... But it's a great "Extended CG Opening" for...
  12. Leonhart

    Type 0 to ps vita

    Hi, I'm from Brazil and I can confirm that this rumor is wrong. The Brazillian Rating Site mention the Playstation 4, Xbox One and Playstation Portable (PSP) versions of Type-0. There is no mention to Playstation Vita. Someone just confused the "Playstation Portable" as "Playstation Vita"...
  13. Leonhart

    We can actually switch characters in FFXV!

    The only thing that I will miss was the possibility to aim with Prompto to hit weak points of the enemies. But I see that coming, all the gameplay mechanics are about Noctis powers, don't make much sense to change to another one. It would be great but is not "mandatory" for me. Maybe if they put...
  14. Leonhart

    Final Fantasy XV Future Showings Schedule

    Well... Looks like that time of wait for a year - and pray, for the game to show at the Tokyo Game Show is now over. The game will show up every month until the end of the year. The release date seems to be close. Now I can believe in Tabata when he said that they are working to release XV...
  15. Leonhart

    Square Enix Presents:Extended Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Emergency Talk Show on October 2nd!

    It's so close!!! It will be 8:00 am here in Brazil... Who think that I will probably not focus in my job until the stream is over? The problem is that I think it will be completely in Japanese or am I wrong? The only think I want is the camera changing to Prompto, a cross air in the screen...