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  1. ManaKnight

    Series of Mana (Web Series_

    The Mana Trio finally make it to the Water Palace to find Sage Luka, but as bad luck would have it, one of the Empire's Generals has already made it there first. Episode 6 Things really start to heat up when The Mana Trio head to the underground palace to restore Popoie's memories and uncover...
  2. ManaKnight

    Series of Mana (Web Series_

    The Mana Trio head to Elinee's Castle to rescue Dyluck and try and learn how to use an ice spell, but should the Princess be trying her luck at another castle?
  3. ManaKnight

    Series of Mana (Web Series_

    Hi Guys and Girls, Episode 3 is now up! Randi and Popoie's quest to the Underground Palace is cut short when they realize that they need an ice spell to cross the threshold. But what starts out as a minor diversion soon rapidly alters their course entirely when a pushy princess joins the party.
  4. ManaKnight

    Series of Mana (Web Series_

    Hi everyone! I am a little unsure about posting this, but figured that I would let you know encase it interested anyone. In short, I am an actor/writer/director who has been making web series and films of various natures for the past couple of years. I have just released, a few days ago, the...
  5. ManaKnight

    Graphic Novel inspired by Final Fantasy and other rpgs...

    Loving the intro music and opening artwork presentation piece! Got a Snes vibe from it for me (always good) will check out more.
  6. ManaKnight

    My artwork

    Awesome! Will watch you on DA:)
  7. ManaKnight

    Playing FF7 again.

    On my list to replay! So many RPG games from the mid-early 00's are so good. Barely have time in anything new till I get through my list...