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  1. Momo333

    Final Fantasy Versus XV Megathread

    Few day ago there was new leak about Versus XV from 4chan again and this guy also give more info about FF7RE and FF16 too but i gonna bump only detail relate to Versus in here. All this could be fake so don't expect much of it. Final Fantasy Versus XV will start development right after KH3 is...
  2. Momo333

    [RUMOR]Final Fantasy XV Future DLC and Update leak

    There also some more info about parallel story expansion i got from reddit, i don't know where he got the source but combine with leak from 4chan it's make perfect sense. Parallel story DLC Expansion are actually a timed quest called"The World Eater" Your target enemy is "Atomos" a HUGE...
  3. Momo333

    [RUMOR]Final Fantasy XV Future DLC and Update leak

    Things like these are minor details that are subject to change in the final release. Sort of like no more than a month ago there was a translucent green iron giant variant in the Episode Gladio promo material, yet the giant is no where to be seen in the actual game.
  4. Momo333

    [RUMOR]Final Fantasy XV Future DLC and Update leak

    First off, i'm didn't post this someone on 4chan leak it before Episode Gladio come out, even minor details about PD are wrong but everything else seems to be true so far, interesting huh? so and gonna dump the notes for the leak here and let You guy have fun to analyze it, still don't bite my...