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  1. MotleyMoxxi

    FFXV discussion thread [No Spoilers]

    Final Fantasy VX was an emotional roller coaster for me, as it was for many others I'm sure. It only took 10 years, you know. In the end, I'm pretty happy with what they've rolled out so far. I really enjoyed the visual effects of Kingsglave, so I can forgive the "eh" story. I have not...
  2. MotleyMoxxi

    Hiiiii everyone!

    Thank you, @Storm !
  3. MotleyMoxxi

    Hiiiii everyone!

    Thank you, @The GemiKnight ! I'm sure I will!
  4. MotleyMoxxi

    Hiiiii everyone!

    Hi everybody! I'm Moxxi & I am super excited to find a Final Fantasy/Square Enix forum. I was a member of Square Source like a billion years ago & totally miss the forum-esque community. I'm hoping to share ideas, learn new things, connect & make some friends!