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  1. Nevina

    Doctor Who - 50 years, 798 episodes & 2 hearts

    Hm, it was a little weird with the narration and suddenly an entire lifetime gone by. It felt.. choppy? But overall still a lot of fun!
  2. Nevina

    Doctor Who - 50 years, 798 episodes & 2 hearts

    Whoops, I probably should've clarified what I meant on generation. I meant the.. er, whatever came before the reboot! I started with Rose and short-haired-leather-coat-doc, marathoned the reboot at the constant urgings of a friend. The very first ep I saw kinda turned me off (cheesy plastic...
  3. Nevina

    Doctor Who - 50 years, 798 episodes & 2 hearts

    Just a few more days 'til the next Doctor Who airs! Though I don't know much of the previous generation of DW, so I can't make up any theories myself. DW education is on my large list of to-dos.
  4. Nevina

    The Christmas Thread!

    Christmas is my favorite holiday! All the songs, family, gifts, and decorations 8D Though my family won't be able to come up and see me due to vehicle problems, so it'll be just me and my kitty Sir Galahad this year. I baked snowball cookies yesterday 8D
  5. Nevina

    Competition: Win Final Fantasy VIII PC on Steam!

    Gonna go with a Moogle. Okay, bear with me here a second. It's incredibly practical. Travel size, obviously, so constant companionship is a plus. Have to camp roadside? Instant pillow. Getting mugged by bandits? Instant distraction by cuteness. Levels of adorableness would also instantly get me...
  6. Nevina


    Salutations! ovo Ended up here after seeing a tweet 8'D More of the lurker type, but thought I'd say hello!