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    Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Exhibition

    You probably know about this exhibition already, in the Mori Arts Cenre in Tokyo. Figured I'd share some FF7 remake stuff from it. First, concept art There was also a bit of dialogue they got Aerith's voice actor to record for the event, and I got a translated version recorded. :p
  2. Pixel


    I've been working on this project re-orchesrating the soundtrack, trying to stay as faithful to the orighinals as possible, but enhanced with real instrumentation. I'm aiming to make them close to how Uematsu envisioned the songs. You can listen to the playlist as I progress here. Hopefully I...
  3. Pixel

    Tifa Lockhart - Draw My Life

    Huge thanks to Sano Eli for voicing Tifa HypochondriacPiano for her beautiful piano arrangements And Rica Raion for hand modelling as Tifa
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    Lightning's REAL Thoughts On Fashion Campaign

    Why is the word "Vuitton" not allowed in thread titles?
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    Draw My Life | Aerith Gainsborough

    I'll just leave this here and back away slowly
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    What Makes Final Fantasy VII So Special?

    I wrote this video article going into what makes Final Fantasy VII special to people.
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    FFVII "On The Way To A Smile" Novellas

    I recently completed a 5 year long project to adapt On The Way To A Smile - Final Fantasy VII into an audiobook collection, featuring voice actors, music and sound effects. It is a series of novellas, written by FFVII's scenario writer, Kazushige Nojima, set directly after the events of the...
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    FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE First Gameplay Trailer

    I figured I'd make a supercut of both trailers and crisis core's ending to create an opening sequence
  9. Pixel

    FF7 Pronunciation Guide

    I put this together, figured I'd share it. I know everyone has their own pronunciations that they're tied to, and won't change. I figured it would be nice to list canon localized pronunciations, and Japanese pronunciations. Cait Sith is an exception. I'm not sure how they'll localize that, so I...