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  1. Ragnarok

    Final Fantasy XV - General News Thread

    I can't wait to get to explore Altissia. It's one of the coolest looking cities I've ever seen in a game.
  2. Ragnarok

    Final Fantasy XV - General News Thread

    What we have seen of the FFXV so far has convinced me that Tabata is doing pretty good job as the director of the game. The story is a mystery still but I can't judge it before I have played the game, but the gameplay looks fun at least. If we are comparing Tabata and Nomura as directors, I...
  3. Ragnarok

    English Voice Cast For FFXV

    Thanks for sharing the video! Nice to finally hear Luna's English voice actor. :)
  4. Ragnarok

    This feels kinda funny, but...

    Hello and welcome! I'm relatively new here myself but I hope you enjoy your time here! :)
  5. Ragnarok

    Final Fantasy XV Officially Delayed

    While I'm a bit disappointed I won't get to play the game in September, I'm glad they have decided to take more time to make the game as good as possible. Two more months is not that long time in the end.
  6. Ragnarok

    FF15 delayed? Rumor

    I really hope they are on schedule. I will be a bit disappointed if there's gonna be a delay, but I also understand that if they need more time to polish everything up, then that's how it goes and there's nothing we can do about it. I'd rather have a finished working product than something...
  7. Ragnarok

    FFXV ENG VA leaked

    I'm still intrigued to get to know who will voice Luna in the game. I mean we haven't even heard her voice in English yet, right?
  8. Ragnarok

    Final Fantasy XV - General News Thread

    I really like all three of those Florence + The Machine tracks, and I think "I Will Be" might play at the end of the game. It sounds like that kind of song to me, and if I hear it correctly she is singing something about sunrise... So yeah, dawn... :)
  9. Ragnarok

    Final Fantasy XV - General News Thread

    Those 3 songs are available in Spotify too. I'm listening to them right now... Sounds great so far!
  10. Ragnarok


    Hi there and welcome to Mognet! :)
  11. Ragnarok

    What games are you playing now?

    At the moment I'm playing FFX HD Remaster. I have played the original over 10 years ago so it's nice to get back to it now, even though it's not one of my favourite FF games. I'm also playing Demon's Souls for the first time (It's my first Souls game.) and I'm mostly enjoying it a lot. It's...
  12. Ragnarok

    Which Final Fantasy characters would you like to see in KH3?

    Ah yeah, now that you mentioned it, I remember hearing about it too. I guess it's unlikely those characters would show up in KH then...
  13. Ragnarok

    Which Final Fantasy characters would you like to see in KH3?

    It would be nice to see some FF9 characters in KH3 because it's one of my favourite FF games and it's a shame it hasn't got much recognition in KH. I think the design of those characters would fit well in the KH universe.
  14. Ragnarok

    Good day to all

    Hello and welcome, SonOfEtro! :)
  15. Ragnarok

    Final Fantasy XV - General News Thread

    I think Tenebrae looks epic enough in the Uncovered videos, and it's actually one of my most anticipated locations we've seen so far from the game. I just love those floating pieces of earth with buildings on top of them. Just epic.