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  1. Rousteinire

    Final Fantasy XV - General News Thread

    If you look closely, his eye brow is much thicker and his hair has a much more red hue to it. Other than that, looks a lot like Cor.
  2. Rousteinire

    Anyone knows what Yevon means? (FF X)

    "Yevon" is simply named after the teachings of Yu Yevon, the leader of ancient Zanarkand, I don't think it has a meaning; Just like Jecht, Braska and Auron.
  3. Rousteinire

    Hello everyone!

    Unfortunately no...however the closes opportunity I got with Square Enix was working on one of their first mobile game titled: Lara Croft: Reflections ( I was in charge of various graphic design advertisement and facebook art assets for a couple of months). The game didn't do very well so after...
  4. Rousteinire

    Final Fantasy XV - General News Thread

    Oh! no problem at all. I believe it's plausible as well, safer to take any "rumors" online as a grain of salt before official confirmation. I loved Square Enix's CG a lot therefore this would definitely be a "bonus" plus if it were true.
  5. Rousteinire

    Final Fantasy XV - General News Thread

    Interesting and could very well be true. Hopefully when Final Fantasy XV is finally released, they'll include it in the main menu as a free bonus! I suspect the CG movie to be around 30 minutes long just like Final Fantasy VII: Last Order
  6. Rousteinire

    Thank you very much! I plan to draw Gentiana again very soon.

    Thank you very much! I plan to draw Gentiana again very soon.
  7. Rousteinire

    Drawing, drawing and more drawing~

    Drawing, drawing and more drawing~
  8. Rousteinire

    Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna (Project Setsuna), PS4 and PSVita, Early 2016

    Interesting, I completely agree with you on the questionable functionality of revealing clothing design even in a winter setting. However if she's going to be sacrificed, I can understand the beautiful ribbons and headpiece she adorns. Overall, I'm really liking the clothing designs seen so...
  9. Rousteinire

    Your favorite Video Game Music

    I've always loved video game music, especially music composed by Uematsu Nobuo, Yasunori Mitsuda and Yoko Shimomura (I tend to prefer softer tunes and melodies). Here are some selected favorites that I listen to often when I draw: To Zanarkand - FFX "Hikari" Kingdom Orchestra - Kingdom Hearts...
  10. Rousteinire

    Hello everyone!

    Hello everyone! I've been stalking this forum for a while now (since the re-reveal of FFVersusXIII as FFXV) and have finally decided to join and eventually participate in various discussions. I'm known online as Rousteinire and is currently working in the gaming industry as an illustrator/game...
  11. Rousteinire


    I love that piece of artwork as well! It gives an Ivalice-is feel to it (Which is awesome). I also like the "Genesis" illustration from the ending of Episode Duscae, definitely an "Epic" of a work. Can't wait to see more character concept art.
  12. Rousteinire


    Yes! I feel the same with the new concept arts shown, the character illustrations feels really weird (Reminds me of vintage storybook illustrations). However, the illustration of oracle Lunafreya looks really nice.