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    Free graphic novel inspired by Final Fantasy

    In celebration of the successful campaign on Kickstarter to get my graphic novel, Lost Dreams of the Unicorn, published I am sending out digital copies of Volume 1 to anyone interested on the forum!!! Just PM with your email address. If you haven't checked what its about yet have a look at...
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    Graphic Novel inspired by Final Fantasy and other rpgs...

    Thanks for those great compliments guys! If you want you can support me on Kickstarter...the project has had a lot of success I am glad to say so will definitely be continuing my story...You get a digital copy for any contribution...Thanks...
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    Graphic Novel inspired by Final Fantasy and other rpgs...

    Hi guys! Just wanted to share a graphic novel I have been working on. I have been a huge Final Fantasy fan for most of my life and lots of ideas and influences I got for this story no doubt came from playing Final Fantasy. Please take a look and tell me what you think! Thank...
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    Anyone else playing Horizon Zero Dawn?

    Yep, probably the best game for taking screenshots.
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    "Seiken Densetsu Collection" announced for Nintendo Switch

    Wish we would get this in english to be honest, rather than the remake.
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    My artwork

    Nice. I like the impressionist style of them.