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  1. SilverGlyph

    Opinions on Square-Enix creating a multimedia "Universe" for every new FF (pre and post-launch)?

    Yeah, I'm not for it either. I want to experience the lore by playing the game, not passively watching (in the case of the movies and anime). Spin-off games, I don't mind as much.
  2. SilverGlyph

    Your Top 5 Games

    That game was a total surprise for me, picked up the HD collection with ICO as a gift for my brother. Didn't know jack about the game. But it was so incredible. And I'm quite glad to see that, even though it was niche, a lot of people seem to love it!
  3. SilverGlyph

    Videogame Trailers and what they should stop doing

    I was talking with my boyfriend about the Persona 5 announcement trailer. While most people loved it, he didn't like it because he couldn't tell what was going on. He didn't know what was gameplay and what wasn't, and that might've been due to any number of things, like speedy transitions and an...
  4. SilverGlyph

    Your Top 5 Games

    1. Journey 1. Shadow of the Colossus 3. The Walking Dead S1 I can't categorize the rest of my favorite games, so, here's a top 3 instead, heh.
  5. SilverGlyph

    Games with canonical storylines and games with multiple story branches

    I don't have a preference. At the end of the day, if the story is gripping, then it doesn't matter to me if the ending is fixed or not. It depends on what I'm in the mood for though.
  6. SilverGlyph

    Final Fantasy XV - General News Thread

    I won't go out of my way to avoid reviews, but I don't put much stake in them either. If I do bother reading them, it'll just be out of curiosity as to whether or not the reviewer enjoyed the game.
  7. SilverGlyph

    Do you think FFXV will have a place in your top 10 RPG's of all time list?

    I don't even think I have a top ten of RPGs lol, don't think I've played very many. But XV is already very entertaining :)
  8. SilverGlyph

    FFXV ENG VA leaked

    Initially I liked Ignis the best, but the more I hear of each of them, the more I really like them. I went from not being sold at all on Noctis's voice to having it as my second favorite (it helps that Ray Chase lightened up on the deep-ness of Noctis's voice). It also helps that I like the...
  9. SilverGlyph

    FFXV ENG VA leaked

    All I have to say is, they're doing a great job so far. I want to know who's voicing all the cast from Kingsglaive in the game and how close they are to the professional VAs.
  10. SilverGlyph

    Final Fantasy XV - General News Thread

    What does online play imply? Social networking? Multiplayer? Leaderboards? Can't say it's something I was ever excited about, but I'm intrigued. I hope the Ignis DLC involves cooking competition minigames haha.
  11. SilverGlyph

    Final Fantasy XV - General News Thread

    Apparently being very negative, pessimistic and cynical is the equivalent of being a cautious consumer. It's not just FFXV either, every game gets the brunt of it and is compared to TW3. I saw No Man's Sky get compared to The Witcher 3. Seriously? Certain gamers just want every game ever made...
  12. SilverGlyph

    Gravity Rush 2 (December 2 2016)

    One of my most anticipated games! Played Gravity Rush Reamster not too long ago and had a lot of fun, but this game took everything to a new level. I just know I'm going to be playing with Lunar Style gravity so much.
  13. SilverGlyph

    How do you sell FF15 to a non-fan friend?

    My strategy is always the same when I pick a game that I want to introduce to friends. I give them a little bit of background about the game, then show them a trailer (one that I think encompasses a decent amount of gameplay, story, and cinematics altogether, at least for the games that have...
  14. SilverGlyph

    Final Fantasy XV - General News Thread

    Any word on if the Platinum Demo will stop being available after a certain point? I don't have a PS4 yet, and I don't want to miss any windows ;_; Having said that, I still pre-purchased the collectors edition! No regrets.
  15. SilverGlyph


    Nice to meet you too! Eventually, yes, I'd like to play older titles, though I admit some of the graphics of the older games do turn me away. I'm trying to overlook that though. In the meantime, I've decided to play the FFVII remake instead of the original. Thanks for the welcome! Most of my...