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  1. SlankyZerm

    Playing FF7 again.

    is there any recommended walkthrough or easy guides. I know most of the game I'm just not wanting to get to the end and discover I have missed a materia like last time I played through. I also know I have to do Yuffie's quest before the 2nd act finishes
  2. SlankyZerm

    Ok, Here we go.

  3. SlankyZerm

    Final Fantasy VII REMAKE - General News Thread

    I just finished playing through FF7 on steam recently, I have a few master materia and am wanting to get 100% but will take awhile, also need to start morphing sources in the underwater crash site to get all the stats to 255 (i must do this before I die!). Now with the remake, there is a lot I...
  4. SlankyZerm

    Say hello and check out my youtube channel

    Say hello and check out my youtube channel
  5. SlankyZerm

    Final Fantasy XIV 2.0

    I was thinking about playing this, I'm not against spending the money on it but does anyone here play? would love to join a community
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    Ok, Here we go.

  7. SlankyZerm

    Video Creators?

    Anyone here into making videos? I have my own youtube channel which I am trying to grow and I am always looking for positive feedback and people that will help share it.
  8. SlankyZerm

    Game of Thrones

    So who here watches Game of Thrones? I myself haven't read the books but I love the show. I have a few favourite characters like Bron and Twyin Lannister.
  9. SlankyZerm

    Your username

    Mine is related to my profile pic
  10. SlankyZerm

    South Park: The Stick of Truth

    I have been playing it today, I haven't laughed from a video game like this one ever. Yes it is highly vulgar and Highly controversial humour, I could put in some spoilers but trust me, it has some very out there parts.
  11. SlankyZerm

    Ok, Here we go.

  12. SlankyZerm

    What games are you playing now?

    South Park The Stick of Truth. Pretty fun RPG if you are into south park.
  13. SlankyZerm

    Old Veteran Returning.......

    Well I don't know how many of you remember me but there is certainly a few names I remember still around.