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  1. spacedemontia

    i made a video inspired by kingdom hearts!

    so i've been a youtuber for some time on various channels but i just really hate like, typical casual vlogging but have been wanting to make something to get my thoughts across. SO i tried doing it in the form of a video game cutscene, inspired by kingdom hearts (quite clearly hahaha) i figured...
  2. spacedemontia

    Final Fantasy XV - General News Thread

    SAME. probably what I'll spend a lot of time doing hahaha. <3
  3. spacedemontia


    Hi! I'm Abigale. Kingdom Hearts is my main game, but I absolutely adore Final Fantasy. I don't really play it, but my older brother does and I've grown up watching him play and obsessing over every aspect of it. I'm an artist and really wanna do something like creative directing for RPGs in the...