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  1. Steven Mailloux

    Compilation dedicated to the various projects of the FF15 universe

    Hello my fellow Final Fantasy fans! I made a compilation of trailers to showcase the 10 years development of the FF15/Versus XIII project and its universe. Feel free, to comment, like, dislike, etc. Its nothing subliminal, but I still enjoyed making it and it demonstrates the most important...
  2. Steven Mailloux

    FF15 delayed? Rumor

    I don't think they include unreleased titles on their website, I could be wrong but... *EDIT* I checked, they do have a rating for World of Final Fantasy, so my theory is wrong.
  3. Steven Mailloux

    FF15 delayed? Rumor

    The rating has been confirmed for a while now, its ESRB T, CERO C, Australia M, PEGI-16, I don't know if I'm missing any.
  4. Steven Mailloux

    FF15 delayed? Rumor

    Well this sucks, cause if this is true, they just scrapped my FF15 experience entirely, I took arrangements for my vacation so that my childhood best friend and I could play it together at his place, which is a 10 hours drive from where I live now, and since I work for a school board we are not...