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  • Random question...what type of cable did your PS3 come with? Did it have a red and white cable, a red and yellow cable, OR a red, yellow/white, blue, red, and green cable? Sorry, I'm just wondering if I actually need to buy this new cable or not, or if I actually have the right cable. :/
    Hey, are you still three hours ahead of me? Daylight savings and all? Also, where did we leave off of in TWD?
    Gah, finished episode 1 of the Walking Dead game, and it won't let me see my stats at the end or let me rewind. Guess I'll start over.
    I've decided that the people that think LR is bad never expected it to be good and the people who find it good never expected it to be bad.
    Anybody else think I shouldn't have to feel like expressing my opinion on the internet is a bad thing to do?
    So bored. No games but PSP ones I don't want to play right now, YouTube is boring, nothing to read, no shows. Not that I can watch TV anyway
    I'm about to go play the Sly Cooper games all over again, if you can't get to me here, that's why. There's always PSN, though.
    Hey there, sorry to bother you. Do you know if LBP2 is on PSN, amd for how much? And if it is,'s your homework load tomorrow night? :P
    Just noticed that Alexander, the newsbot, has one trophy point for having a trophy worth two.
    Ugh, sometimes I get really irritated with myself, because I tell myself I'm going to do something, then I put it off and don't have time.
    Heads-up, might not stream. I'm almost 100% sure I have strep throat, and feel like absolute crap. Just letting you know in case I'm not online later for that reason.
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