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  1. Tani

    Tetsuya Nomura no Longer Directing Final Fantasy XV

    It's probably stupid of me to ask, but to which Magazine did Nomura answer when asked about his departure from FFXV as a director? And if it was the recent issue of Famitsu, did they actually cut out the part when the whole interview was being translated or was it not posted in the magazine at all?
  2. Tani

    We can actually switch characters in FFXV!

    I'm pretty sure that literally means you can change party members like that in Kingdom Hearts. For example you can switch Goofy with Riku in the end of Kingdom Hearts 2 or something along those lines. You guys are really optimistic. It doesn't mention anywhere you can control the other party...
  3. Tani

    Final Fantasy Explorers (3DS, Action RPG) Announced

    Chibi Lightning looks too cute *_*
  4. Tani

    Question: Are you upset that there is a car in FFXV?

    The car looks sexy so i don't mind xD But the fact that people are bitching about things like this makes absolutely zero sense on logical grounds. Maybe it's the frustration of the wait getting to them, it has been 8 years so i get it. People are tired of waiting. That seriously doesn't give...
  5. Tani

    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, Any good?

    Y u make me remember the horrible stuff? ;__;
  6. Tani

    New Character! ( A few Screenshots from Famitsu!)

    I'm pretty sure i heard Tabata saying "He'll keep Nomura's visions intact". It's the least they can do after kicking him out from the project which he gave 8 years of his life to. And like @Takoyaki said and i quote
  7. Tani

    New Character! ( A few Screenshots from Famitsu!)

    I'm not sure if i'm correct at this point, but wasn't it said in some interview that the story is the only thing that will remain unchanged? Maybe there was a plan to introduce Luna all along. And i say this because Stella and Luna look really REALLY different even for a redesign. Unless they...
  8. Tani

    Uh Hnm... (FFXV moon)

    I agree, there's already a thread discussing that, so we can do that there. BTW that's a good gif image of Stella :v
  9. Tani

    New Mognet Features for September

    Kingdom Hearts Emoticons? o_O I don't think that's essentially an idea which should be entertained xD But what exactly do you mean by "Or something that is Kingdom Hearts that you will add to MC."? I'm just curious o.o
  10. Tani

    Tabata: "I’m assuming that the actual game will take about 40 hours to clear "

    I'm sure like most other cases, it meant clearing the main story would take about 40 hours. That is, excluding the sidequests and exploration.
  11. Tani

    Final Fantasy XV TGS 2014 TRAILER

    As much i love this new trailer, i miss not seeing Stella. Yes i'd pick Stella over Luna :P Is it just me or anyone else here loves the original old design of Stella and not the redesign which we've seen last year?
  12. Tani

    [Rumors found on the web] 'FFXIII: Lightning Collection' & 'Compilation of Final Fantasy VII HD'?

    You know fans should really quit hoping that FFVII HD will be released anytime soon even if it is in production or that they'll announce it. I'm sure SE has learned their lesson by now and that is "Not announce a game and make gamers wait for like 8 years". If there is such, we'll eventually...
  13. Tani

    Tabata: "I’m assuming that the actual game will take about 40 hours to clear "

    Perfect. Such side missions are essential to the game.
  14. Tani

    Famitsu Interview with Tetsuya Nomura (KHIII, Chi, 3D and more)

    It was already mentioned that the story of chi would be related to Kingdom Hearts 3 hence becomes a part of the whole. Or are you suggesting Nomura lied to us in his latest Interview in the magazine Famitsu when he said that? I understand you claim usually browser games are just for fun without...